Church of the Palms
14808 N. Boswell Blvd.
Sun City, AZ 85351, AZ 85351
United States of America

American Red Cross has 59 slots available at this drive. January is National Blood Donor Month. Donors of all blood types are urged to give to help the Red Cross maintain the blood supply. They will be testing blood donations for Covid-19 antibodies. Plasma from standard blood donations that test positive for Covid-19 antibodies may be given to current coronavirus patients in need of convalescent plasma transfusions. Eligible donors with types O, B negative or A negative are encouraged to make a Power Red donation. Reservations are needed. Go to: https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=Palms#.X-FK9X4P1mo.whatsapp