Fundraising Committee

   Fundraising Overview:

   Fundraising Ideas:

   Rotary Grants:

   In-Kind Donations (Best Practices Guide):


Membership Committee


   Membership Overview:

   Lead Your Club: Membership:

   Membership Resource Guide (i.e. compendium of Rotary resources on Membership):

   Member Retention:

   Videos, Self-Evaluation, Survey Templates and Tools to improve Retention:

   Ideas to make your club stronger and to retain members:

   Getting and Keeping Members:

   Membership Development Plan:

   Member Engagement: 12 Template Letters for the President to use to engage new members:

   Club Extension — Starting a new Rotary club:

   Attracting Millennials to Rotary:

   Understanding Young Professionals:

   Rotary Basics:


Public Image and PR

   Lead Your Club: Public Relations:

   Rotary’s Public Image and Brand:  What is “Brand” and how to use it to promote your club

   Rotary Brand Playbook:

   What is Brand:

   Rotary’s New Voice:

   Promoting Your Club Website:

   Update Your Club Logo:

   Rotary Brand Centre (sign-in required):
Here you can download the messaging and voice Guidelines, quickly create your club Logo or use RI templates to produce customized brochures for your club.