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   Strategic Planning Guide:

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   Presidential Citation Qualification:

   Preparation and Planning Timeline (pdf from DRS)

   Preparation and Planning Narrative  (pdf from DRS)

   Best Practices

   Lead Your Club, President’s Manual:

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   Proposed: Zone 25/26 Presidents 2017-18 Discussion Group

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   Foundation Reports: TRF Reports for Club Officers (sign-in required)

   Foundation: The Rotary Foundation Resource Guide

   Club Goals and Progress:

   Rotary Club Central Overview:

   Setting Club Goals:

   Setting Goals for Service:

   Setting Goals for TRF Giving:

   Rotary Brand:  What is Brand and how to use it to promote your club

   What is Brand:

   Rotary’s New Voice:

   Promoting Your Club Website:

   Update Your Club Logo:

   Council on Legislation liberalizing Rotary club rules:

   Rotary Governance Documents:

   New Member Engagement: 12 Template Letters for the President to use to engage new members:

   Dealing with Sticky Wickets: