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Membership Leads

We have an opportunity to ensure all prospective members are contacted. While this might be due to not contacting prospective members, I believe the gap is largely due to not updating the system. Check out these resources to learn more about our district leads, our current process, and the enhancements launching in October to bring more accurate reporting. Let’s take care of all prospective members!

Membership Executive Summary July 2019- September 2019

Membership Executive Summary All District 5495 Leads

New Club Development & Flexible Club Formats

Are you interested in being part of a chartering club? Are you a champion for new clubs and connecting people with Rotary?! You have many resources available to help take the first steps! Don't forget to visit our committee page to reach out to us for support.

A Guide To Satellite Clubs

Starting a Rotary Club

Starting a Cause-Based Club

Guide to Passport Clubs

Rotary District 5180 Membership Video