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2019-2020 Application period has ended.


To encourage clubs to plan and execute successful membership events, District 5495 will provide grants to cover event expenses. Clubs that plan and execute two complete events are eligible to receive a grant of up to $15 per guest to cover the expenses of the event ($300 maximum grant per event).

See what these clubs have to say about their intentional membership strategies!

Intentional Strategies to inspire members to invite prospects:

  • Create fliers, promote on website, prize entered for visiting all locations on the pub crawl. We want to make a fun event that people would look forward to attending. We will extend the invitation to all families of our members to create more engagement.
  • Club program asking each member to propose several persons who we can invite to these events to become a Rotarian - we will need addresses and phone numbers - will send e-mail, invitation or a personal invitation to each person invited.
  • We have already planned these events and they will be announced and members asked to think about good prospects. Invite them personally (or ask a member of the membership committee to approach and invite)

Planned Programs:

  • The pub crawl will have a pamphlet that highlights each participating bar and provides information about club. The pancakes and pajamas will have a display highlighting our events and upcoming ways that someone can get involved.
  • Introduce ourselves and have members provide the answer to "Why I joined Rotary" and "Why I stay in Rotary". Provide a card for each member with time/venue for meetings along with our two annual events.
  • Assign 1-2 people to engage with each guest so they feel welcomed and connected. Seek additional information about work skill and areas of potential engagement so we can plan how to get them connected immediately in a project that captures their interest. Four Members will each talk about 5 minutes on 1. What is Rotary; 2. How our Club integrates Club Meetings, Community Service and Fellowship. 3. Some examples of Social engagements with members. 4. An example of a major service project

Marketing Material

  • Brochure, fliers, invitation cards, thank you notes, we hand out Rotary magazines at each event as well.
  • Club brochure with information on local projects the club has done, business cards for inviting members to the meetings, asking all members to bring in their read Rotary Magazines to give to visitors and speakers to take and read.
  • Club brochure; Rotary 516 EN "Better Together"; Rotary 595 EN " Connect for Good"; Quarterly schedule of Meetings, Social Events and Service Projects; a three page summary of "the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills Club Overview'