District 5495 Rotary Foundation Committee

Committee Chair                       Charlie Tegarden
Committee Chair Emeritus      George Wheeler
District Governor:                      Elizabeth Mahoney
District Governor Elect             Bret McKeand
Grants                                         Kevin Pitts
    District Grants:                      Rebecca Wilks
    Global Grants:                       Dale Gray
Fundraising:                               Charlie Tegarden
    Annual Giving                        Kristi Soloman
    Endowment Fund                 Mike Zongolowicz
PolioPlus                                    Jim Erickson
Peace Fellows                           Tony Cerato
Endowed Scholarships           Charlie Kestor / Dan Coons
Stewardship:                            George Wheeler
     Club Qualification               Tom McLarty
Speakers Cadre                        Bob Zarling
Grant Management Seminars
GMS is REQUIRED by The Rotary Foundation to qualify for Global Grants and District Grants.
For a club to qualify for grant funds in the Rotary year 2021-22, at least two club members must have attended GMS. See all qualification requirements posted on the District website.
Who should attend? It is recommended that the club’s Chair for The Rotary Foundation and
President-Elect attend. Please note: A Club can send as many participants as desired!
What will be learned: This 2 hour seminar will cover the responsibilities for grant stewardship, the application process, and reporting requirements. This seminar will also help a club start planning early for a District Grant. A District Grant provides additional funds for a club’s local/community projects in 2021-22. A club can apply for a District Grant between April 1st and May 31st, 2021.
No cost to attend this seminar!       
Registration Links: