Decubitus (AKA “pressure ulcers,” or more commonly known as “bed sores”) is an uncomfortable subject to discuss.  However, many of us face it either directly or via a loved one at some point in our lives.
In our local environment, available medical staff usually has the knowledge and tools to combat the advancement of this potentially fatal disease.  However, in many cultures abroad this is not the case.
In 2015, Global Grant #1419539 successfully partnered The Rotary Club of Sun City West (D5495) with RC Miskolc-Tapolca (D1911) to combat the advancement of decubitus in two hospices, four hospital wards, and one nursing home in three Hungarian communities.
Phoenix Rotary 100 (D5495) plans to partner with RC Miskolc-Tapolca for Round 2 of this fight.  We are looking for additional team members to join us to help conquer this terrible disease.   Round 2 will use the proven methodology of Round 1.  This will permit Rotarians to expand their reach and “do good in the world” for the residents of more communities throughout Hungary.
The project will address the needs of bedridden patients receiving long term acute or chronic hospital care, and critical end-of-life issues for the elderly in selected hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement communities.  Specifically, it will fund the procurement, delivery, installation, and training for several types of state-of-the-art mattresses and suspension systems to counteract the development of decubitus, a debilitating and fatal disease if unchecked.
There is a short and very graphic .ppt presentation that addresses the original (Round 1) project.  It summarizes the successful completion of that Global Grant and lays out the goals for Round 2.  This presentation can be compressed into a 15-20 minutes segment and include some time for Q&A.  It is available to be shown via Zoom to your club’s members and/or board. 
Should you wish to schedule a presentation, contact Jim Dowler at