Four Peaks Rotary club member Buzz Ponce has made it half way across the USA on his charity bicycle ride in support of Warriors Heart, a treatment facility for veterans, active military and first responders who are dealing with PTSD and chemical dependencies. They say you can't "un-see" the horrors of war, or the traumatic incidents experienced by many of our first responders. Warriors Heart, in Bandera, Texas, is a top-rated PTSD and detox facility and Buzz is raising funds specifically for scholarships for veterans who can't afford to travel there and receive the treatment they need. 
Buzz will be turning 70 years old during his ride and he plans to be at the Warriors Heart facility by Memorial Day weekend, which is roughly the half-way point in his bike ride from the coast of California to East Coast of Florida. He is keeping a journal of his cross-country adventures on his biking blog site.  Buzz's fellow Rotary club members have already pledged nearly $5,000 in Warriors Heart support for his "ride of a lifetime". If you don't already have a veteran's organization that you are supporting this Memorial Day, Buzz would certainly appreciate it if you'd consider sponsoring him for a penny-per-mile (about $28), and making your tax-deductible donation directly to Warriors Heart, via the link on his bike-riding website: