RYLA Pinerock is now accepting applications for Student Delegates, Junior Counselors and Adult Volunteers.
As we were not in person last year, we really want to make this year a great success as we return to on site RYLA!  Applications can be completed at  ryla5495.org. Please reach out to your local schools and Interact clubs to help spread the word.
All adult volunteers must have received the Covid-19 vaccination.  
Student applications will close soon so please reach out!  Also, we are hoping to participate in the Meal Packing service project again this year with Manzanita Outreach (RYLA Pinerock in 2020 packed over 45,000 meals!).  We depend upon the contributions of the wonderful Rotarians in this district to help supplement the costs needed to make the meal packing project happen at RYLA -- it's a win-win all the way around. 
If you are interested in making a tax credit donation, you may do so at the link listed on the RYLA website above. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to the RYLA Pinerock program Chair Tammy Sabinsky at 623-640-0838.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the youth of our community !!