The Rotary Club of Winslow handed out $1,000 scholarships this year to three incredible individuals. These young people are the beneficiaries of scholarships named for the specific people who made a real impact on the Winslow community. Pete Kretsedemas from the Falcon restaurant with 50 years perfect attendance who passed away in 2010 , Pinkie Walton was a high school counselor who touched many lives and Hayden Walton his great grandson who was tragically died after being hit by a baseball playing Little league. 
The scholarships, $1,000 each went to: Harleigh Scott, who will be attending Trinidad State JC for an Associate Degree in science, then a 4 year university for a BS in nursing. Sydney Clarke, will be attending Northern Arizona University as a Business Major. Caitlin Rundquist, will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Prescott for a Forensic Psychology Degree.