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Membership Presentations

Looking for a membership topic to energize and educate your club? These resources are here for you. Modify the presentation to fit your club culture and goals.

State of Membership

Taking a look at past and present membership trends, for goal setting and creating a vibrant future throughout our clubs. Review year over year trends, membership experience survey results, and how you can use the information to implement best strategies for success!

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Why I am a Rotarian

Facilitate an inspiring presentation on finding your WHY and how members can utilize this tool to empower others.

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Club Engagement – Best Strategies That Are Happening Now

A great presentation that educates on engagement strategies. Learn what people are looking for and how your club can attract new members!

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Generations of Rotary- Creating a Membership Plan That Speaks to All Ages

Is your club diverse? Learn what attracts members from all generations!

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