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We are Rotary: Advancing Women as Leaders

Rotary Basics online course – Now Available!

Rotary Basics is now an online course that covers all things Rotary in an interactive, multimedia format. In this new course, housed in the Learning Center, you can meet members around the world, watch videos, and interact with the course to deepen your understanding of Rotary. You can also take a quiz to test your Rotary knowledge. The Rotary Basics online course was designed for new members, but it is also a good refresher for long-time members who want to test their Rotary knowledge or even nonmembers who simply want to know what Rotary is all about. This is a great course to include in new member orientation!

8 Courses Available online for Membership

The online membership courses available in Rotary’s Learning Center are available for club leaders. Learn how to strengthen your club’s membership by enrolling in these courses. Using real-life scenarios, Rotary International’s interactive learning materials let you practice making choices as a fictional club leader and see what works and what doesn’t.

In addition, Rotary International has many tools to help clubs with membership recruitment and retention.


Membership tools are found both on the Zone25/26.org website and the Rotary.org site. Your team has access to resources that can help clubs with membership resources, and many listed below can be found on the Membership page of My Rotary:

  • Rotary Club Health Check
  • Strengthening Your Membership
  • Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide
  • Membership Assessment Tools
  • Connect for Good
  • Rotary Basics
  • Connect to Membership Leads