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Welcome to a new month! I hope your Rotary year is progressing as you envisioned it. If you haven’t planned a club social in a while, October is a great month to take advantage of some super fun Rotary events around our district! Check out the district calendar, meet new Rotarians, support a great cause, and have fun!

This Month’s Membership Priorities:

Membership Leads

We have an opportunity to ensure all prospective members are contacted. Check out the executive summary report and ways that we are enhancing this process.

New Club Development & Flexible Club Formats

Are you interested in being part of a chartering club? Are you a champion for new clubs and connecting people with Rotary?! This webinar will provide the tools and resources you need to grow Rotary!

Click HERE for more details!

Did you know that the #1 reason why people don't join Rotary is because they were never asked? Ask someone today, ask them again. Grow Rotary!

We are Rotary: Advancing Women as Leaders

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